Typo Tuesday, 2/20/2018

Fake News Leads to Fishy Caption. . . .

The Star-Ledger (New Jersey) ran this caption for a photo:

“Fans watch ‘Black Panther’ during a private screening Friday in Grand Blanc, Michigan. Some Twitter users posted fake clams that they were attacked by black audience members at public screenings of the popular film.”


Perhaps the trolls who made false claims that they were assaulted should clam up. Fake news, anyone?

Typo Tuesday, 9/18/2017

Looking for that perfect home? Enjoy a peaceful locale and demure little bodies of water?

Check out this real estate listing for a home in New Jersey:

Escape to the ultimate in suburbia! Enjoy the pool, the hot tub, the tranquility of the coy pond and all on a quiet cul-de-sac. This is a must see but it won’t last.

Definitely a must see: who wants a pond full of mundane fish when you can have a coquettish anthropomorphic one?

Typo Tuesday 12/27/16

Advance warning: there’s nothing humorous about this typo. It appeared as a headline inĀ  a major NJ newspaper, making me fear that copyediting is a dying art in newspaper publishing.

“Wokrer’s widow calls her husband ‘heroic'”

It should have read “Worker’s” (and no it wasn’t the deceased gentleman’s surname).

Typo Tuesday 12/20/2016

I’ve been remiss in posting typos on Tuesdays, but fear not for I have been collecting them diligently.

Today’s typos come from various restaurant menus. It’s easy to pick on mistranslated passages, but these are clearly just typos.


Crispy Duck, choice of basil sauce or Plume sauce

Yes, a mistakenly added “e”—but didn’t feathers come to mind?


Potato or Green Pepeer Sauteed Ribs

Is my food watching me?


Sauteed Chinken Gizzard

Chickens do indeed have gizzards; do chinkens?


Prok with Preserved Cabbage

Prok is the other white meat.


Coconut milk, Road duck, pineapple, onions, and carrots [Duck Curry]*

I have absolutely no idea what a Road duck is unless it is one that tried unsuccessfully to cross the road.

*Yes, this one’s a translation error more than a true typo. I cheated.







Typo Tuesday 2/23

I am negligent in my duties once again: I have missed two Tuesdays. Would anyone care to hear my excuse(s)? No? Didn’t think so.

You might not “get” today’s typo unless you are familiar with Jewish ritual objects. Then again, you might not get it if you ARE familiar with Jewish ritual objects. From a synagogue’s newsletter:


“Torahs are always covered. . . . In our Temple’s sanctuary the Torah scrolls in the Ark are covered with special silk Torah covers. They are actually known as Torah Mantels.”


If you don’t know what a Torah is, it is the scroll containing the five books of Moses (or what non-Jews call the Old Testament). It is handwritten by a scribe onto a long scroll of parchment that is rolled around two wooden rods, one at each end. An Ark is where Torahs are kept, usually at the front of the synagogue.

A mantel is the protruding shelf over a fireplace.

Torah Mantle, fireplace mantel—two entirely different things.

Typo Tueday 2/2

A first-year law student wrote about a “motion for summery judgment.”*

To every thing there is a season?


A motion for summary judgment is made when one party in a legal case believes that the facts and the law make it clear that the opposing party could not possibly prevail in a trial.**


*Special thanks to the law student who sent in this typo; said law student did NOT make the typo.

**I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on the Internet.


Typo Tuesday 1/26

Once again, today’s typo comes to us from the wacky world of local politics.


“The fact is we all voted for the bond of the new school. At that time I was informed that they did not need my help since the bond past.”

Ghosts of bonds past, as in a Dickens tale.

Monty Python-inspired scene: That bond, sir, is late; it has ceased to exist. That bond has gone to meet its maker; it is pushing up the daisies.

The bond passed, by the way.

Typo Tuesday, 1/12

This week’s typo comes to us from the Star-Ledger of New Jersey. The Arts column of the Today section (12/29, pg. 28) reviewed the best NJ stage shows of 2015, giving honorable mention to a NY show, the Flea Theater’s production of Happy Days.

“Beckett’s two-person play on a deserted island with a woman buried up to her waste (later her neck) reminded us how funny the playwright can be, even when exploring the bleakness of everyday life.”

I think Beckett would be amused by the homonym mix-up.

The photo that accompanies the mention shows Brooke Adams buried up to her waist in sand. No need to trash the excellent Flea nor accomplished actors Adams and Tony Shalhoub.

Typo Tuesday, 12/29

For the last Typo Tuesday of 2015, I have chosen a tweet with a typo of biblical proportion.

“Steve Harvey @


I want to apologize emphatically to Miss Philippians and Miss Columbia. This was a terribly honest human mistake and I am so regretful.”

As the host of the Miss Universe pageant, Steve Harvey mistakenly announced that Miss Colombia was the new Miss Universe. She was actually the runner-up to Miss Philippines.