Typo Tuesday 12/20/2016

I’ve been remiss in posting typos on Tuesdays, but fear not for I have been collecting them diligently.

Today’s typos come from various restaurant menus. It’s easy to pick on mistranslated passages, but these are clearly just typos.


Crispy Duck, choice of basil sauce or Plume sauce

Yes, a mistakenly added “e”—but didn’t feathers come to mind?


Potato or Green Pepeer Sauteed Ribs

Is my food watching me?


Sauteed Chinken Gizzard

Chickens do indeed have gizzards; do chinkens?


Prok with Preserved Cabbage

Prok is the other white meat.


Coconut milk, Road duck, pineapple, onions, and carrots [Duck Curry]*

I have absolutely no idea what a Road duck is unless it is one that tried unsuccessfully to cross the road.

*Yes, this one’s a translation error more than a true typo. I cheated.