Typo Tuesday, 2/20/2018

Fake News Leads to Fishy Caption. . . .

The Star-Ledger (New Jersey) ran this caption for a photo:

“Fans watch ‘Black Panther’ during a private screening Friday in Grand Blanc, Michigan. Some Twitter users posted fake clams that they were attacked by black audience members at public screenings of the popular film.”


Perhaps the trolls who made false claims that they were assaulted should clam up. Fake news, anyone?

Typo Tuesday, 1/12

This week’s typo comes to us from the Star-Ledger of New Jersey. The Arts column of the Today section (12/29, pg. 28) reviewed the best NJ stage shows of 2015, giving honorable mention to a NY show, the Flea Theater’s production of Happy Days.

“Beckett’s two-person play on a deserted island with a woman buried up to her waste (later her neck) reminded us how funny the playwright can be, even when exploring the bleakness of everyday life.”

I think Beckett would be amused by the homonym mix-up.

The photo that accompanies the mention shows Brooke Adams buried up to her waist in sand. No need to trash the excellent Flea nor accomplished actors Adams and Tony Shalhoub.