Typo Tuesday 2/23

I am negligent in my duties once again: I have missed two Tuesdays. Would anyone care to hear my excuse(s)? No? Didn’t think so.

You might not “get” today’s typo unless you are familiar with Jewish ritual objects. Then again, you might not get it if you ARE familiar with Jewish ritual objects. From a synagogue’s newsletter:


“Torahs are always covered. . . . In our Temple’s sanctuary the Torah scrolls in the Ark are covered with special silk Torah covers. They are actually known as Torah Mantels.”


If you don’t know what a Torah is, it is the scroll containing the five books of Moses (or what non-Jews call the Old Testament). It is handwritten by a scribe onto a long scroll of parchment that is rolled around two wooden rods, one at each end. An Ark is where Torahs are kept, usually at the front of the synagogue.

A mantel is the protruding shelf over a fireplace.

Torah Mantle, fireplace mantel—two entirely different things.

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