Typo Tuesday, 11/24

Unfortunately, I don’t have a typo about turkey, the Thanksgiving holiday, or Black Friday.  However, I do have this meal-related gem:

Do not insert in children

[found on the back of a moist towelette given to patrons of a barbecue restaurant]

This gives new meaning to the ridiculous concept of washing a child’s mouth out with soap.

Introducing Typo Tuesday!

Who doesn’t enjoy a good typo? A single dropped letter, homonym, or other writing mishap can have hilarious results. Each Tuesday I hope to post a new typo. While all will come from actual, published material, names and authors may be changed  or withheld to protect the innocent. My goal is not to shame the authors but to celebrate how we can become tangled up in the “make a rule just to break it” English language.


“Deep in thought, the director furrowed his brow and stapled his fingers together under his chin.”   OUCH.